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Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Dining Tables and Chairs

The dining room is perhaps the most important room in the house today. This is where families gather every night to eat dinner and where celebrations, such as parties and get-togethers with friends, take place. It’s more than just a place to dine; it’s the foundation for memorable meals and purposeful gatherings.

Dining tables and chairs are the major components of a dining room. Choosing a dining room table and chairs to provide a custom fit for your home and family can be a daunting task. However, an ideal choice of furniture brings elegance and uniqueness to your hotel, home, and restaurant. The reason is that the dining room is so frequently used. It’s important to make sure your dining furniture is appropriate for your home. They should be attractive and comfortable, and they should match the colors, textures, and décor of your home.

This article explains some significant tips that can help your choose the right dining table and chairs.

How To Choose The Perfect Dining Tables and Chairs

Dining furniture, which includes tables and chairs, is the center of attention when you invite people over to your place for some occasion. Since the food will be placed on the dining table, perceiving the great choice of the dining furniture becomes inevitable. A good homemaker would appreciate a perfect match of the décor and your dining choice.

Choosing the best designer option for your home dining chairs and tables should be without much ado. Here is a guide for you.

Room Functionality

The functionality of room should be the first consideration of any homeowner. Due to the choice of functionality, different homeowners will opt for different room decorations. The dining table and chairs must fulfill functional requirements, such as providing a conducive atmosphere to eat and gather. In addition, lifestyle, family, and way of living are vital factors that should be considered.

You have to think for everyone in the family to meet their requirements. For example, if you have small children, a stone table that absorbs stains may not be the best option, but a folding dining chair is a good alternative. Choose dining furniture that is comfortable for you.

It would be best if you also thought about your way of life. Consider how you use your dining room in your daily routine. Your dining table should enhance, not hinder, your way of life.

Another important factor to consider is your current state of living. A good rule of thumb is to purchase the table that best meets your current requirements. No matter your plan to get a bigger home space in the coming days, buying an oversized glass table is not necessary since the current home cannot perfectly accommodate it. Rather, let your choice meets your current needs and save the later plan for the future.


Here are guidelines that you can use to select the ideal size for your furniture;

  • Room’s Size:An effective way you can use to know the size of your dining chair and table is to measure the room. In measuring this, create space of about five to six feet on every side of the dining table. The space will allow people to conveniently move their chairs backwards whenever they need to get up.
  • Table’s Height:Most furniture come as a set of chairs and tables. However, there should be enough space from the seat down to the floor (you can make this 20 inches). This is to make people comfortable while sitting and while standing. The point is that there should be at least 10 inches between the top of the chair and the end of the tabletop.
  • Table’s Size:People need to be comfortable while they enjoy their food. Hence, a proper dining table should have a surface area of about 35 inches for every person. The black rustic dining table is one of the best pieces of furniture that fit it in most homes. Getting a rectangular table will require that you add some 10 inches of surface space for every person. It is only a proper dining when the people who want to eat can easily sit up and move around freely.
  • Chair’s Size:A perfect dining room table needs its appropriate chairs. As a result, the chair’s size should be an important consideration because the chairs should be the right size for your room. The right size for the room will make movement within the room easier. Likewise, your chairs of choice should have optimum height with the considered table. 

Dining tables and chairs usually come in pairs, so picking the right chair size won’t be a problem.


Tables are typically rectangular, square, round, or oval in shape. The shape of your table should be determined by your practical needs as well as the size of your room. The following are important tips you should know about the shape of a table;

  • Rectangular tables: the most common dining table shape is usually found in homes with kids. The rectangle table can easily accommodate the whole family. Eating time can also become a bonding experience in a family. You should consider the length and width when it comes to selecting the right one. You can place more food on a wider and longer table. This is great for an event that includes friends and well-wishers.
  • Square Tables:Because it brings people closer together, there is improved communication between people who sit to eat. However, it is important to know that reaching food will be harder on a larger square table. Therefore, if you plan to seat more than eight people, a square table with an extension might be the better choice. 
  • Circular Tables:Circular tables are more appropriate for small rooms. They occupy little or no space as they provide a lot of surface area for food. More people and food can fit comfortably on a larger table. Because it brings people closer together, a round or oval table is excellent for conversation and is perfect for gatherings and parties


Selecting the exact material for your table could be difficult than you think. A balance should be struck between price, maintenance, personal style, and your home’s style. Examine some of the most commonly used materials.

  • Wood:The most common dining furniture material is wood. Wood is a classic, durable, and easy-to-repair material that looks great and can be used for various purposes. It is easy to maintain, even though it could lose its fitness or shape if exposed to unfavorable conditions. A wooden dining table and chair are best because they will serve you for ages. Their durability is second to none.
  • Glass:Glass tabletops have various colors. Some of the colors include clear, tinted, and frosted. Despite being impervious to moisture, they are easily chipped and scratched due to their thinness. It is not advisable for a home that has kids because imprints are obvious on the tables. Also, they could be careless with it and hit heavy objects against it. On the other hand, a glass dining table can last for decades if you avoid scratches.
  • Stone:This type of tables come strong and adorable. Most times, they are designed from quartz composite or marble. This type of dining tables is fanciful enough for trendy and local spaces. Although stone tables have a longer durability, they are very sensitive to stains. More so, the table is susceptible to cracking or chipping. Finally, you may have to buy another one because they cannot be easily fixed.

Other materials used are metal, plastic, veneer, etc. All dining furniture materials are excellent and beautiful, but the bottom line is knowing how to maintain them. 


Style should be a prime priority as you choose the perfect dining table and chairs for your home. There is always a unique furniture that is perfect for all types of interior designs, whether Scandi, Hamptons, or industrial. Here are some things to think about before concluding on the trendy design or style you want.

  • Hamptons:The interior design style of the Hamptons is coastal, relaxed, and elegant. It necessitates oversized, beachy-themed furniture. A lovely Hampton round dining table that has well-crafted legs and adorable lines work perfect if designed in this manner.
  • Coastal Dining Tables:The amazing style gives a special feeling to you. Just like a luxurious feeling, the dinning is often seen in locations that are quite exquisite. They have different designs. However, the commonest are ivory, white, shades of blue, and wicker or natural rattan.
  • Black rustic dining table:This type of dining table is designed from wood. This makes it a good option for a farmhouse room. By famous demands, the commonest are rectangular wood tables and circular rustic tables.


If you want your dining room table chairs to stand the test of time, choose one that is made of high-quality material. You should buy a well-made table that will last for a long time and show little wear. You would agree that material is important but joinery has a significant role. Check the joinery underneath the dining table while you’re there. The beauty is to see that every detail about the table is followed to the latter and all parts are properly connected. 

Being an important part of furniture for a house, your dining furniture must be purchased with all carefulness and not on the spur of the moment. Instead, think about the size, needs, material, shape, quality, and style of the furniture you require before making a decision. The right dining furniture should improve your quality of life and turn your house into a home. Ensure your choice is in tandem with numerous memory-filled foods and reasonable get-together till whenever they are out of shape.

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