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15 Best Coffee Tables in 2022: The Ultimate Guide

A coffee table is just a low table designed to hold beverages, remote controls, books, magazines, decorative and ornamental items. It can be suited to objects and used as a place for convenient seating.

Let’s have a look at some trendy coffee tables currently in fashion:

White Hamptons coffee table

The Hamptons style gives a unique yet quirky coastal type design with a light, bright and fresh seaside mode. One of the most popular interior designs is the White Hamptons coffee table. This was inspired by the grand holiday homes in the Long Island region called The Hamptons. White Hamptons coffee table is a huge coffee table that oozes a sense of handcrafted elegance. Due to the contemporary style, it is completed with a cross-detailing look which is well-suited for modern-era homes.

Coffee table with storage

This is what a living room needs to have, a clutter-free look with storage for your phone, books, and remotes. A coffee table with storage can come with a drawer/shelf to help us get rid of clutter. These types of coffee tables encourage people to organize and help your space have a perfect and coordinated appearance. The “Work from Home” trend, has helped create more combos of couches and coffee tables. There are thousands of designs ranging from Lift Top coffee table with storage, Scandinavian style coffee table with storage, etc.

Round Mid-Century coffee table

A bit of minimalism with a slight mid-century feel and a dashing touch of the industrial coffee table. A delicate yet bold design of the Round Mid-Century coffee table gives a sense of exquisite furniture. This coffee table isn’t suitable if you require much room but gives a perfect taste to go with your interior. You still get to choose the perfect balance of having flared legs with a glass top. If not then, slanting angle legs with mango wood top, or even rich grain wood crafted from India.

Oval Mid-Century coffee table

Inspired by mid-century, modern aesthetic features, this coffee table usually comes with flared legs and convenient storage. With a contemporary look and sleek design, it fits right into that compact space in your living area perfectly. The edges can be a bit uneven due to solid birch, which is just a characteristic of solid wood. The smooth curves all over the edges give a contemporary cohesive feel to this perfect coffee table.

White High Gloss coffee table

With the look and feel you get from a White High Gloss coffee table; you have a modern look and feel to complement your home furniture. The white high gloss is generally the result of high-quality MDF with a top-notch finish. Just need to be mindful of using a coaster while serving eatables as the high gloss attracts stain much quicker. A damp cloth is a good way to keep things clean.

Wood and Glass coffee table

Anchor your living area with a sleek yet versatile look with a Wood and Glass coffee table. This goes perfectly well if you are looking for an antique/distressed finish to go with your furniture. Just an amazing way to show off your expensive rug!

Round coffee table with hidden compartment

No matter how little or big your house is, storage space is never sufficient. It makes sense to get a coffee table that multiplies your storage with a completely secret coffee table compartment. This is to give your room a much more clutter-free look with unsuspecting pop-up tops/drawers.

Solid Wood coffee table with lift top

One of the best-selling coffee tables is a solid wood coffee table with a lift top to make your work life just right and easier which allows doubling your workspace and even comes with a secret drawer, shelf to clear your clutter. With a sturdy look, this coffee table is can surely be used as a makeshift dinner table and that’s the reason the price is competitive.

Coffee table with Ottomans

A misconception about Ottomans is a place for sitting or something to rest your feet. But a Coffee Table with Ottomans is the best combo of both as it provides the perfect place for your computer/rest your body at or even use it for a meal or even placing a flower vase. With a variety of shapes available, you can match it with your design, furniture, or even fit it on the rug lying down in your room. Coffee tables with ottomans certainly have an increasing trend in today’s homes due to their multitasking ability.

Ottoman coffee table with storage

Just how trendy coffee tables with ottomans have become, a storage compartment added to the same coffee table with ottomans becomes much of an asset carrying a range of multi-tasking functions. A modern style ottoman coffee table with storage is generally revealed when the top is lifted making it easier for you to throw your magazines, books, newspapers, remotes into or even use it to pile up your clothes for the week when placed in a bedroom.

Smart coffee table with fridge

Looking to invest a bit more than usual in your furniture for more luxury, here’s another choice of coffee table which has an in-built refrigerator for that extra convenience. A more luxurious life comes up with a drawer full of snacks and a fridge stocked up with your favorite beverages for that perfect lazy weekend. And only if you can have a smart home why not smart furniture, this smart coffee table with a fridge can also serve as a charging station with USB charging ports and even Bluetooth speakers so you don’t have to move at all, but that’s what we call luxury.

Wood coffee table with metal legs

A vintage yet elegant look, something with metal legs and a wooden coffee table that matches your expectations with a rustic organic charm. It goes with any furniture with a mix of rusty fashion look and a mix of classical materials. With its metal legs, you have sturdy and well-suited items for your living area.

Coffee table with wheels

Just how it sounds, a coffee table on wheels for easy movement from one place to another, from one function to another. Use it as a television trolley in your TV room or use it to keep salads, bread when guests arrive or just place it on the balcony with outdoor tea/coffee set/holding indoor pots or use as a lampstand in the bedroom with an alarm clock. At least you have one less thing to worry about with a handy, easy-to-move feature and that too without losing its versatile touch as an ergonomic accent table.

Coffee table with glass display

Need something well-built but don’t want to compromise on the display, a coffee table with a glass display can solve your problem which gives an elegant finish to the wood with a perfectly placed glass top, customizable in various types like tempered, MDF, transparent, opaque as per your flooring or rug. The set is usually complete with a set of coasters available to avoid water stains/marks on the glass top.

Cheap Reclaimed wood coffee table

A bit difficult to make out with just the name, this table is made from 100% recycled wood and an amazing clear waterproof coat. As nothing is wasted in manufacturing this table, it does consume a lot of energy & resources to make it more and more durable, sustainable, and even give that stylish look. This reclaimed wood coffee table usually consists of steel placed in the legs to make it sturdier. Putting recyclable/reusable yet stylish in your living room, balcony, or even next to the dining table gives you the feeling of sustainability.

How to choose the best Coffee Table for your living room?

Selection of that perfect coffee table for your living room appears to be a simple task like you just walk into a furniture outlet and choose your favorite item, take it home. But there’s more to it, a lot more when choosing the appropriate coffee table that meets your eyes and indulges with the other furniture in your living room.

Let’s see the most influential topics that affect your coffee table decision:


A coffee table’s price ranges from being extremely affordable to super expensive, so you would need to figure out how much you are willing to spend before you go shopping. The total budget should be divided as per, lighting, accessories & furnishings. Stretch your budget a bit as long as the quality of the sofa or chairs is unchanged.

Shape & Size

While you may choose whatever shape and size you want, there are a few fundamental guidelines to follow in order to get the best possible interaction between your coffee table and sofa: Your coffee table should be at least half the length of your sofa (but no longer than roughly 23 inches). it should sit at roughly the same height as the seat, give or take 4 inches meaning if your sofa is 80 inches long and 10 inches tall, you should look for something that’s 35 to 44 inches wide and 8 to 12 inches tall, regardless of shape).


When you think about a style, the most common ones that strike your mind are: Formal, informal, modern, and antique when buying a coffee table. For a contemporary design, a sleek metal table with a glass top or something country casual will be a style statement.


Select a few materials that will complement your lifestyle and your living environment. In the 21st century, we have a plethora of materials to choose from, so you don’t limit yourself to wood. Glass is no longer a choice for families with small children; consider other solutions that might suit your needs or be able to move the piece around quickly. These are all questions that might assist you in selecting the ideal coffee table.


It’s not that the coffee tables just belong to the living rooms. A beautiful garden or a maintained balcony with a cozy backyard can have some space for a coffee table to keep your small pots, or even a small coffee machine on it might be worth it.

Coffee table with storage or not

Believe it or not, but the storage is never more, you can have “x” amount of storage but it will still be less. Going for a coffee table with storage is going to save you some time fixing up the extra clutter in your living room. But, if you reckon that a particular glass-top coffee table or a glossy look coffee table is catchier for your living room, then go for it!

Buying a coffee table online or in-store?

Both online and offline have their own pros & cons.

With everyone owning a smartphone, it’s right to say that people prefer something easy, reliable, and flexible. It is far easier than going to stores to purchase stuff in person.

People are able to search from thousands of coffee tables across millions of websites. Another advantage is being able to compare the prices 24/7 and 365 days of the year. It is time-saving and reliable as you’re able to check reviews of most of the products beforehand. On the contrary; offline stores have their USP to meet the needs by giving the touch and feel of the coffee table.

It’s all up to how you are willing to compromise on one mode depending on the various pros & cons that each offer.